Why would you change your name?


This is the single most asked question I’ve gotten over the last 20 months.  Yes, we’ve been working on this for over 20 months.  If you really want to know why we changed you’d need to know how we got started.    


In 2010 when I started this company the business name originally was just Michael Smith Photography and photo booth rentals weren’t even on my radar.  Out of necessity, I was focused entirely on sales and landing contracts – had to make sure all the bills were paid and I put no thought to the company name.  As the company grew though, so did the number of requests for photo booths.   Truthfully, it reached a point where I just felt silly telling people it wasn’t something I did.  So in 2012, with the support of my now wife, we purchased our first booth and became Michael Smith Photography and Photo Booth Rental…quite a mouthful. 


Although we now had a super long name, adding photo booths to our line of services was the best decision we ever made.  In just the first year our business grew from 1 booth, to 3, then 5.  Within a year and a half we had 8 booths and were doing so many events that we didn’t have time to do any photography.  Photo booths completely took over.  At this point we have 13 photo booths across Sacramento, Portland and Salt Lake City, with the goal of adding another 5 booths this year.  I am so proud of our success, which is why we had to change.


I say “our success” because this company is so much bigger than just myself.  In the beginning I was the whole company.  At this point, Michael Smith is just a piece of the pie and we have a team of attendants and administrative staff to keep everything going.  So, why did we change our name? Because Michael Smith Photography doesn’t make sense anymore.  The company hasn’t been a one man show for a long time, and outside of a couple contracts we’ve maintained, we no longer offer photography services. 


Why Clementine Photo Booths?


This is the second question I always get.  The answer is simple, EVERYONE LOVES CLEMENTINES.  They’re sweet and they’re fun to eat.  No one has ever had a bad time while eating a clementine.  Our staff is fun, energetic and light hearted and it’s impossible to have a sour time in our booths.  Clementine is a name that stands out from the crowd and really represents our culture.  And with that, I am pleased to say:


Michael Smith Photography and Photo Booth Rental is now, Clementine Photo Booths.


…Same company, sweeter name :)


Michael Smith

CEO, Clementine Photo Booths, LLC